The credit card companies have been able to run carte blanche on consumers, slashing their credit lines for the lamest reasons. Mine have been repeatedly slashed because my creditors claim I have “seriously delinquent accounts”. These “seriously delinquent accounts” to which they are referring are ones that are 4.5 years old or older. Three of them are due to fall off my credit reports THIS YEAR due to age. I have one that drops off in May of this year, one in July and one in November. But, yet, the creditors are allowed to continue to punish me for these past financial problems that were actually a result of identity theft. Credit card companies REALLY need to be monitored, and now they are on the radar screen. Now, that it has happened to someone who is high-profile enough to have drawn attention, it will be interesting to see if these practices stop.  The Debt Settlement Nationwide Blog, recently posted some similar comments.  Read the complete Debt Article> Noteworthy Credit Related News

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